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 Change is Coming!

As of today, after years of resistance, Google will now penalize search results for sites that are not mobile friendly. No, they will not be removing your site. However, if your site does not meet Google’s standards, it will have a lower rank. It doesn’t matter how flashy, or sophisticated, or how amazing your content is. The bottom line is, if your site is not accessible on a mobile device then have lost clients.

This is exactly why Tech House Media for years has taken a mobile friendly first approach. We identified about 10 years ago (when iPhone made mobile internet easy) future customers would be searching for businesses from their phone. Mobile friendly design would be the success to your business. Imagine now how many websites (or apps) you use on your phone daily. Imagine how many websites you would visit if they weren’t optimized for your device? I am positive the difference is vastly different in comparison to even five years ago. Would you visit your website on your phone or tablet?

We are glad Google is doing this. As the internet moves increasingly more into our hands and off of our desk, the customer experience still needs to be the focus – mobile friendly sites are paramount.

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