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Git 403 Error Fix

Git 403 Error Fix

Resolving a Git 403 error is frustrating, especially if you know you’ve been able to connect. Git doesn’t make resetting your password easy. Luckily there’s an easy fix: Windows will store your username and password locally.  Cause of 403 Error You’ve either accidentally typed in your username or password or have updated your password. Windows […]

Google Ranks Mobile Friendly Sites First

Mobile Friendly Websites

 Change is Coming! As of today, after years of resistance, Google will now penalize search results for sites that are not mobile friendly. No, they will not be removing your site. However, if your site does not meet Google’s standards, it will have a lower rank. It doesn’t matter how flashy, or sophisticated, or how […]

How do I rank on the first page in Google Searches?

Google Search First Page Rank

To rank first on Google is difficult, but many people should consider asking: How do I rank my site on the first page in Google Search results? Everyone asks us this question, in some way or another. After all, what’s the point in having a website if people can’t find it? If your page isn’t […]

PHP Tutorial – Highlight Current Day with PHP, jQuery, and CSS

Highlight with PHP and jQuery

The Problem and the Approach: I recently worked on a website where I need to highlight the current day’s hours of operations. I couldn’t find any tutorials on this subject, so here you are. I used the approach using PHP and jQuery, knowing this would be the easiest since I would need to be using […]