Go Anywhere.
Stay Connected.

Secure Chat and Text
Secure Location Monitoring
End-to-End Encryption
No Wi-Fi or Cell Service Required

Go Anywhere. Stay connected.

Invented by a US Navy SEAL and a DOD engineer, PATCH seamlessly integrates with your gear and pairs with your smartphone to securely chat, text and monitor the location and activity of your teammates with end-to-end encryption—all without cell service, Wi-Fi or satellite.

Proudly designed and built in the USA, PATCH is the ultra lightweight, low profile, high performance, go anywhere tech tool that you need in your kit.


There's Nothing Worse Than...

Being Disconnected

Having Your Equipment Fail in Harsh Environments

Getting Inaccurate Information


PATCH is your solution!

No Cell, WiFi or Satellite Needed

PATCH is completely off-grid. PATCH devices mesh directly with each other so you can stay connected, even in the most remote locations.

100% Private & Encrypted

All of your data is wiped when you close the PATCH app on your phone. PATCH also features end-to-end encryption, the same level of protection used by elite government agencies.

Keep Friends & Family Safe

PATCH automatically monitors the location and activity of people in your network, so you can keep tabs on your team mates, even if they can't message you.

Designed & Made in the USA

PATCH is 100% made in the USA, helping to keep our economy strong and keep good jobs inside inside our borders. When you buy American made products, you insist on a higher standard.

PATCH Reviews

“I've been waiting years for a device like PATCH. It's simple, effective and directly tackles hard problems that we encounter downrange. It's an essential part of my team's kit.”
Hans G.
Navy SEAL Senior Leader
“Being able to keep tabs on my family when we're out hiking is a huge time saver. Knowing that I can keep everyone safe gives me real peace of mind."
Brannon Muska
Certified Flight Instructor, Father of Four
“PATCH is so intuitive and easy to use, it's a must-have when I'm out in the field. And I'm proud to buy a product made in the USA and support American workers. That's rare these days.
Darrell Widner
Senior Engineer, Tech Enthusiast

PATCH Features

Secure Chat and Text

Truly secure chat and text. Unlike other services, PATCH does not store your data in servers that can be accessible by anyone else.

Secure Location Monitoring

Secure location monitoring allows you to have complete situational awareness of everyone connected to you.

End to End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption is one way, meaning no one can reverse the encryption and read your messages or location while using PATCH.

No WiFi or Cell Service Required

No Wi-Fi or cell service is required for PATCH. This means, you can truly go anywhere and communicate with your network. Perfect for all off-grid communications.

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PATCH Patent Filings

International Design Application No. WIPO0110449

U.S. Design Pat. App. No. 20/788,399

Australian Design App. Nos. 202117020, 20211721, 20211722, 20211723, and 20211724

Go Anywhere.
Stay Connected.

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